Web Design & Development

We are H99 Group known as Web Design and Development company that deals with development and designs. We creative innovative designs and that suits your business likeness, we provide a comprehensive solutions for different problems via building a website for your product or making a software if necessary.

Website is the most essential key for your company or business marketing and is way to get the traffic or customer’s sights. To earn more in less time this web technology is best and cost effective solution. You can ask for regular maintenance according to your need. It doesn’t mean that once the design is completed it is locked … no you can make changes anytime or anywhere just you need an authority for it.

We have a rich experience in the same field and we know what is require to gain maximum profit and to high traffic. We design a user friendly website and delivers values to our clients. We are always ready to achieve the goal and we know how to satisfy the client by accomplishing their requirements.

We work on followings:

  • UI Web Design
  • HTML/CSS Designing and Development
  • Maintenance of Website

We have web designers with us and they are known as “Architects of Web” where the developers are caller “Builders”. They focus on the look of website and they put their all efforts to make an attractive design which looks good when user view it. Web designers should know about the color scheming, designing, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, graphic design and they should be good at imagination part. We can say design is done by right-brained people where development section is better done by left-brained. Both the designer and developer is required for good design without developer the plan would never succeed, they are skilled and proficient in PhP, HTML/CSS etc.Yes, there is difference between web developer or web designer.

Here I am going to explain it below:

Web Developer:

  • Creates the inner coding in HTML/CSS, PhP
  • Creates UI Interface
  • Must have good coding skills in any language they should have hand-on experience.
  • Good at logics and technical background

Web Designer:

  • Focus on outer face like how website looks at the end (Designing Portion)
  • Hand on experience in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Develop user friendly website
  • Good at color scheming
  • Must have creative mind